Cold Water Rules

The rules for cold weather rowing will be in effect for all cold weather rowing as determined by coaches and club administration.

Generally, cold weather seasons are considered to be dates prior to April 30th and after September 30th. The B.R.C will use 11 degrees as the rule.  That means if at anytime the outside temperature is 11 degrees or cooler at or during practice time Cold Weather rules will be in effect.

COVID-19 Rules, Regulations & Responsibilities

In accordance with Government of Ontario’s framework for reopening the Province, the BRC is back with a limited program that includes new COVID-19 proceedures and policies. All athletes are required to review and sign the club COVID-19 Rules, Regulations & Responsibilities, which are designed to get us on the water in a way that ensures the health and wellbeing of athletes and coaches.

Emergency Action Plan

We have a very structured Emergency Action Plan that should provide a means to rescue or prevent further injury from anyone in danger.

For ALL emergencies dial 911
Phone number of B.R.C: 613-342-4849
Address of B.R.C: 1 Ferry St, Brockville, K6V 2A7
Nearest hospital: 613-345-5645 (Brockville General Hospital, 75 Charles St, Brockville)